Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Took A Look At It...

Sat back..took a look at it..so what's up with it? .studied it like the hubble telescope...had to admit...it looked crazy to me.

Sat back...saw a crook hard at it!! then others said they were getting busy!! actually they looked lazy to me.

Things looked hazy to me!!! in The Smoke and Mirrors..but O-Dog had the track...he'll bring bars and hooks with it.

O-Zone...it amazed me like Luther..R.I.P...what will the deal be? cuts and samples from vinyl and cassettes used..O-Dog will rip it.

The lesson? I didn't skip it...some will play you the other way..prime examples are right in front of me.

Whose stressing? talking the other way...they'll try to front on you and me...

In this zone? rights and priviledges are trampled on!! it's easy to get played.

In this zone? knights in shiny armor roll up in Chevys and Buicks ..it's easy to get sprayed.

Not just this zone...the game is played from the East to West Coast.

...Down south and to the Midwest..even on Wall Street deals go sideways..whose the host with the most?

Staying on point! at my post..had to step up security like airports..a veteran in these sports....plus it's all natural.. solar energy runs the spot I'm in.

Who disappoints? the right energy wasn't created by polar opposites.

Po Po draws up composites!!! joints get cased..then raided.

Even I felt the pressure!!! haters became suspicious..caught me on the way back in..after I played it.

Tried to delay my arrival!! when I was floating down the stream of consciousness..but I shook it.

It's about survival...so I take care of business..after I took a look at it.

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