Monday, February 1, 2010

So What's Up?

So what's up? what's going down in your jurisdiction?

So what's up? roadblocks are set up..supposedly it's called drug interdiction.

Corrupt cops take product and cash off the top! pure fiction or reality?

Somali pirates paid off as as usual? the buck stops with the gambler out for a fast one actually.

The Toyota kept going...but the truck stops; pulp fiction? last one getting out was blasting! armed and dangerous!

Dude from the old school fumbled to get to the 38...the luck stops ...good or bad? secret gardens are farmed where danger is.

All up in the spot where the Friend or Stranger is..Ronnie Laws plays in the background.

Karmic repercussions determine the behavior? meanwhile we bring the flavor...percussions and the good word..when we came back with the sound.

Rolling with a small army; authorities try to track us down..but were off the grid like Jason Bourne was.

Once residing in hostile territories; like The Gaza Strip..where pain and scorn was.

But this Scorpion King was rebuking the hostile takeover alternatives and options were studied.

Drama kings and queens introduced the hot style makeover; is the break over? forces combine..but it was a struggle; some are left bruised and bloodied.

But soon the shuttle lifted on its next journey; not many left? but we left this jurisdiction.

Out in gray areas: reality and fantasy; was the grass greener or was it astro turf? is it real or pulp-pure fiction?

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