Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Up In The Spot PT. 10

The Louisville mack game seeps through the black ink hitting this loose leaf.

Transfers take place..tapping on HP keyboards..kept track of game ..recognized it..soaked in ham hocks with the collard green leaf.

Kept track of my game? some said that I'm greasy like Church's Fried Chicken.

Or maybe even Popeye's Louisiana style...some might say me and my peeps are foul..but it's BreakBeat Science I'm pitching.

Oh yeah!!! It's of a breakbeat variety!! stop lying to me!! stop talking crazy!! I wanna tell a politician.

No break for a brotha!! earthquake in Chile? another? that's why work is put in..spiritual significance in this operation.

No snake allowed on the premises!!!ran away like the Taliban in Marjah!! or operations will end up getting sabotaged.

No fake allowed like Chalabi in these operations!! "got to keep it real compared to what."

That's what Les McCann said!! ignored what the damned said!! the story they fabricated was a Deliberate Falsehood.

Please!!! my folk have been hated!!! some were snitching..All Up In Spot!! some were acting false in the hood.

The Proclamation for freedom is back dated!! retroactive like my style but also futuristic..but the Liberation will be Progressive.

From the backwoods and backwaters of South Carolina to ghetto streets of Atlanta, Louisville...Jacksonville.. my peeps have been hated!!! like Blackwater was stressing us.

Street merchants seen!! theyre blessing us with backwoods, ice , rocks, plus product straight from poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Offensive with it!!! ear shattering gunshots justice no peace for a black man..

...knowledge I'm still soaking....All Up In The Spot...down here in the A-Town..

Good mileage I get on the Mothership...Moving Straight Ahead...Intergalactic..will I stay around?

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