Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Damage

Collateral damage was done; what it do? was it like the shuttle? Mechanical Engineering needed to fix it.

Back at you with the drum; what are they on? no need to talk to the hand..that's not how we manage..breakbeat science? we kick it.

Back at home; up in Louisville? actually Intergalactic.rolling up on the International Space Station...we'll kick this from out there.

Down here in the A-Town or Charlotte? maybe Jacksonville; or out in the Bay Area.

Could be anywhere; not up in New York pimping like Patterson..not playing around with these folks! as I go there..to tell them what's up.

Playing around on these sacred grounds? chokeholds for the corrupt.

Playing the sacred sounds; podcasting, alternative broadcasting.. plus seminars are conducted we're holding it down.

Seeing how a fake one gets down; interrupting the tent revival folding it down.

Trying to put a dent in our plans for survival; introducing glitches in the matrix.

Circumvent the arrival of the train of thought; will we make it?

Circumstances have us frozen like the Himalayas; what's up with global warming? can we shake all the ice off?

Circumstances turned some into hustlers and players; putting work in like Lil Wayne.. rolling 30 deep..saying the system didnt break them off.

Circumstances have some pumping brakes; but vehicles accelerate like Toyotas.

....Circumstances have us breaking beats and english..rebuking the apparatus quotas.

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