Sunday, February 14, 2010

Karmic Repercussions Revisited...

Karmic repercussions; getting what we deserved? is that it?

Arguments and discussions were heard; observed; some will get belligerent..some will fight for it.

Whose part of the conspiracy? said we didn't have a right to justice no peace.

It comes with the territory? drama in the hood; Atlanta, Louisville on out in Oakland...all points in no peace in the Middle East.

To say the least!!! as I tell this story..a brotha uses intricate wordplay.

Raised up in Kentucky with Jed I'm knowing how a herb will play!!!

Whats up with me? the package? I put a stamp on it..and return it back to sender.

Then the Sonic Assault is unleashed!!! haters I beseeched!! it's all about Progessive Liberation...O-Dog is the sonic defender.

My objective is freedom and deliverance from evil; there's spiritual significance in this operation.

Disrespected; Karmic Repercussions? some couldnt get it!! even said they were running things!!! but something is missing.

I disconnected; Ecological Ignorance didn't alter the fate..I'm on a different mission..letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Wasn't connected with arm chair quarterbacks; putting it down like Drew Brees..passes thrown into the breeze..others were just clones and surrogates like Bruce Willis...running another play.

O-Dog is in the lab working on "Doobie Doo Running Away" like Roy Ayers.

Intergalactic..but The Mothership AKA the hooptie breaks down..I'm like Astronauts at the Space Station..pulling out wrenchs and pliers..

Back with it...just got back from Orlando..rolling down I-95 listening to Pliers, Rick Ross...even threw on some Tallahassee Pain...

Back with it...even pulled out some old school..believing in karma..New Edition...Can You Stand The Rain?

Back with it. ready to do damage.. any Collateral Damage from the offensive? on the other side of the fence is Astro Turf...

Karmic repercussions? in the next episodes ask them what it's worth...


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