Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ecological Ignorance? Do The Knowledge

Ecological ignorance altered the fate; some didn't peep out the landscape.

Heard the belligerence; some are full of hate..but I creep out; this man will escape.

Heard the difference; some knowing what it do...meanwhile tapes with funk on them blast up in the hooptie.

Who'll work with this? some don't know what it do; didn't act like they know me.

Whose getting hurt by this and that? dirty business of the frontline spiritual warfare variety.

Trying to merge with this? a degree of righteousness is the priority.

Trying to merge with this? Progressive Liberation is involved..scary for some; it's way too real.

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate; where you at? what's the environment from Oakland to NYC..from Miami, Atlanta to Louisville.

It's real; some wake up out of the fog...remember the way to deal ..the tricks of the trade.

Plan Z executed in the smoke and fog; enhanced by's easy to get tricked in the charade.

Games played; enhanced by horrors and terrors along with false alarms and bomb scares that become the real deal like Holyfield.

Fools were crying wolf!! Ecological Ignorance altered the fate for those part of the conspiracy; caught out there playing the field.

Dancing with wolves and devils in left field feeling karmic repercussions.

Let them know what it do with the good word and discussions.

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