Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acting Funny???.... Pt. 2

They were acting funny; some didn't wanna work with us..what it do? now others wanna smoke peace pipes.

Olive branches were extended; but it's after some joke about stereotypes.

I Holla at branches of the family!! worldwide..actually intergalactic..back with it..the stereo hypes the Sonic Assault up.

Other branches of the conglomerate reach out to those that are caught up.

Information highway branches off; I-10...I-75..I-65.what it do? were Transmitting Live...from Pluto & Mars..from up in the spot to out there.

Transformation? my way!! lessons learned after I was left out there.

Transportation? the Mothership!! sounds are funky....cosmic slop is like cosmic rays...superfast protons...brought back from out there.

Translation from aliens? breakbeat science put down..seems like this Good Word is from out there.

Transitioning from foul situations? I'm outta there!! going there!! Moving Straight Ahead.

They were acting funny; but said it's all love..but showing hatred instead.

What it do? karmic repercussions? said I was acting funny instead!! when I went for what I know.

Others didn't stay off the thin ice; choosing to skate instead!! they went for what they know.

Voices inside their head!! like that song by the Police...was it the devil calling them?

Other choices instead for this bro; they were acting funny so it's all on them.

Choosing not to call on them!!! called on the Lord instead!! Lord Have Mercy is the battle cry.

Mountains too tall for them? streams of consciousness too deep? as I creep..but they say I'm acting funny!!!

All up in the sport...play on player!! the punishment glutton is spotted.

Acting funny!!! due to the corporal punishment..the fabric has rotted.

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