Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back With It!!!

My body was trapped behind enemy lines; my mind was a million miles away.

What it do? intergalactic; out beyond Pluto!! streaking through the galaxy like a NASA's not new though! I've been feeling this way.

Back with it!! from Space Age to parking lot pimping..playing it either way.

...Plus all spectrums in between..any sanctions for these memos? not associated with Bush era lawyers..not always seen or heard..that's how I play.

Plus some will respect the drum as it plays..did they catch the message?

Maybe some will!!! old girl said everybody's not able as I try to stretch this.

Is it a stretch of his imagination or is the Brotha O-Zone paranoid?

As I catch hell down here on Terra Firma; no apologies heard like Tiger Woods, Plaxico Burress or Mike Vick while I worked to fill the void.

As I catch hell like Obama; who'll work with a bro? as I go for what I's tight in these the thick of this..I batch up something fresh for those that feel the void;

All about Progressive Liberation; check it out.. Beck mad about it? what's the situation? as I notice the climate change..paranormal activity? please! negativity I avoid.

O-Dog is not devoid of funk..he'll ratchet up the process; wrenchs and screwdrivers used; Mechanical Engineering used!!

O-Zone; I stayed on top of this...train of thought is the Endeavour undocking from the International Space Station..we'll cruise..

Going through the healing process; flowing down the stream of consciousness; avoiding pirates.

.....From off the coast of the streets of Atlanta..I see how how foul it gets.

Getting foul with ya!! the style gets that way!! in response to the others.

Arriving on the mothership; Intergalactic with it; brought the funk stored in Iceland?..the sound is based on the percussions.

Train of thought is still rolling!!! dealing with karmic repercussions.

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