Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Glamour..Glitz....

Glamour and glitz was their mission; wannabe American Idol.. the main objective ..they told me they're going all out.

But glitches in the matrix slow them down; weather is bad everywhere..trying to go there..but they can't even blast off like the space shuttle...some are even what's that all about?

All up in the spot!! snitches fake it..things go down...authorities are going all out with warrants.

District attornies issue indictments; see what part of the game it is.

A brotha is kicking it; work with me!! not just Super Bowl Weekend; in the heart of the game things get ugly.

A brotha is kicking it!! work with me on this BreakBeat Science..based on what a brotha knows and sees; things get ugly.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but it seems like we're in the Himalayas; but some say it's not getting colder.

Out here in the mainstream of mathematics aka reality? players get bolder.

This dialect will not become extinct like the one in and rhymes in folders are buried deep in secret gardens..away from secret societies.

Otherwise? flowing down the stream of consciousness..straight with my priorities.

Like flowing down the Ohio River up in Louisville a bro is going for what I know..dodging po po as they circle the block.

Righteous forces team up; that's whatsup!! it's the conglomerate; The Sonic Assault..even The Funk Seminar..folk in my circle will rock.

Lighting the fuse! starting a disco inferno! but some still knock the hustle.

Cruising like Smokie! but some wouldn't work with a glamour and glitz!! as linebackers blitz...I went for what I know.

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