Friday, February 5, 2010


Typing these HP keyboards..after putting these thoughts down on a crumbled up piece of loose leaf.

O-Dog was tapping on Yamaha keyboards..funk dropped..following street codes..remembering past episodes ...they haunt us..gunfire and bombs rumbled up in the piece!!! justice no whose the chief?

What's the belief? remembered past episodes? stumbled out of the gate..false start?

Where's the relief? the breakthrough? needing to erase hate from their false heart?

Whose true or false? part of the conspiracy! knew tricks of the trade.

Whose down for the cause? in this territory? too many games are played.

Too many times I prayed!! even had a Battle Cry...Lord Have Mercy! God's will is done..time revealed the outcome.

Beats and rhymes played by O-Dog!! couldn't chill! he had to pull out the drum.

In the streets? crime played out in front of me..homies down to plan Z.

Plans went straight through the alphabet!! Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck? Las Vegas or Atlantic City bet? don't front on me!! I knew the deally.

You'll Get Played!! Malcolm X by any means necessary theory taken out of context.

Meanwhile..foul ones on the ways and means committee made the simple complex.

Foul ones on the street committee text or on the celly with the latest.

Foul ones? strikes? what's next? at the will I play this?

The first law of nature is self up is elevation.

Native Americans pushed to the reservation..trail of tears the situation.

Playing these American Adventures like the amusement park..not amused by it.

We were getting played!! noticed a lot of my folk are confused by it.

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