Friday, February 12, 2010

Ecological Ignorance Revisited...

ecological ignorance will alter the fate...

So what's the good word? this brotha is just minding and tending.

Putting the good work in; O-Dog is up in the lab, beat blending.

Ecological Ignorance Will Not Alter The Fate..told you earlier; message sending; putting them in the songs.

Knew the game was shady like grady from the get go...straight out of the gate..who will work with ya? it's a monstrosity!! family reunions like King Kong's.

Wholl work with ya? it's a what's up? secret society's wrongs will continue.

What's repeating? it's history if we let it..Ecological Ignorance Revisited?...took a look at the menu.

Whose defeating the purpose? they have the gist of it!!! misery loves company.... even on college campuses...whatcha been through?

Bear witness to how we work this; breakbeat science the songs? messages we send you.

Enemy collaboraters try to bend you; break you; are you flexible?

This entity underwent calibrations; Mechanical Engneering.. not bent out of shape; adjustable.

A foul one hates!! not trusting a bro!! shadetree mechanics try to tighten screws.

They said I was a slick one!! they watched my brothas going down on the news.

What it do? what it does? From Hunters Point out in the Bay Area...Compton & LA...Edgewood in Jacksonville...College Park and Decatur in the Atlanta area...

Cruising in Newburg and West End Louisville, Charlotte, Nashville..all points in between...check the scenario..

The mothership is on cruise control;...out there like the Shuttle..Endeavour..check the behavour...realizing I have diplomatic immunity.

Ecological Ignorance Will Alter The Fate...remember I was influenced by my environment when I dipped back to the community

Act like you knew me!! a brotha gets funky!! Intergalactic style!!beat blending.

One step ahead of storm troopers rolling through the street; operating like Afghanistan...or even Iraq....but it's Dekalb County man!! I stay minding and tending.

Plus I'm sending messages in the songs; told you!!a brotha is Taking Care Of Business.

Sliding through portals and passages; fate not altered by ecological ignorance.


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