Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Drama..

The drama is minimized like you do windows on the computer.

Panaramic views are in the eye of the beholder?

Global warming? the world seems colder..morale is low..whatcha know?...some search for happiness...I even see some lash out.

Knowing about the warning..from ground zero to Generation older cat...holding chips like Las Vegas or Atlantic City..I'm ready to cash out.

All up in the lab..I pull the stash out..breakbeat science is in full effect.

It's the Sonic Assault!!! a sonic smash and grab..similar to an Atlanta Smash and grab by 30 Deep!! .. retaliation for those that disrespect.

I'm on it!! but they weren't checking for me...sometimes a good thing.

There's something there to remind me and them that it's a hood thing.

What's good? that's what dude asked Brian Westbrook..pranked by Captain Janks.. told him the script had flipped.

"Something just aint right" like Keith Sweat said!! spirits aren't right!! so I dipped.

"Something aint tight" work put in by shadetree mechanics now things there's recalls like Toyotas.

...Or even Hondas....the response to us? no love was shown ....realizing that it's on us.

The response to us? Freaknic coming back? they said we were felonious!!! and we might pull capers.

But we certified the funk like Thelonius Monk...just pull the papers.

Heard those that lied..Ecological Ignorance altered the fate..pulled their papers..erroneus information is listed.

Heard burps after they drunk and ate up everything..the drama is revisited.

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