Monday, February 22, 2010

Train of Thought..Collecting These & Those..

All up in lockdown situations!!! what it do? act like you knew!!security heightens...terrorist get prosecuted...truth disputed like Old Otis on the Martin Lawrence Show.. whose rattling the keys?

Whose rolling? train of thought still running off the rails!! once scattering..but I collected these!!

Plus I collected those!! like Scott Brown breaking the filibuster.. to the occasion? some rose...knowing the devil will oppose...word from the old school baptist preacher.

Chilling..drinking coffee at White Castle 7th and Broadway in Louisville...but made to feel like a buster..old dude from the old school will teach ya.

Asked him what's up pops??? he went off on me!!! told me speak when spoken to..come when called !!! then he'll reach ya.

No killing me softly like Roberta Flack!!! or Lauren Hill..what's the deal? but I'm back..trying to beseech ya.

Killing fields back in Louisville...Beecher Terrace..Park Hill..similar to Somalia, Sudan or Afghanistan.

Any yields from the drama thats manufactured? no justice and no peace for a black man.

Who builds anything in America? man please!!! everything is made elsewhere.

Except drama!!! shady deals go down!! some will land at Grady in Atlanta, St. Johns in Detroit..Shands in Jacksonville..out in LA it's St Elsewhere.

Shadetree mechanics put work in; but closing of auto plants in Flint or Detroit is hurting!! do chef's up in hell's kitchen.

All up in the game..whose on the mound? it's curve balls and sliders they're pitching.

It's all we play the sound usually of the breakbeat variety.

Actually not playing games..not playing around with them!! realized we have diplomatic immunity.

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