Wednesday, February 10, 2010

..My Back's Against The Wall

A brotha's back is against the wall; I come up off of it swinging!!

Hitting a lick like George Foreman; authorities try to grill; but I'm like Muhammed Ali..rope a doping.

Hitting a lick back in the day!! cruising up in the Ville down Muhammed Ali Blvd..hoping and wishing.

Checker Cabbing!! but now down here in Atlanta; more drama for ya!!!they're smash and grabbing; lines thrown into the lake of fire

O-Dog is fishing in the stream of consciousness; out of the lab we bring this product.
What it do? breakbeat science is the business!! for those that ask what it is...check the conduct.

What it do? what it does? did we conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion?

I doubt it; like Master P? bout it bout it..survival instincts kicked in; even though Oprah was male bashing...governed myself accordingly; scientific like the Hadron Collider...atom smashing.

Haters say the conduct is disorderly! coming through wreckless with it; the vehicle is crashing.

Now it's submerged in sludge and cosmic slop; hazardous material? some were warned in closed caption.

Karmic Repercussions? meanwhile we're submerged in the stream of consciousness...underwater like mortgages..knowing how the sport is!! the action continues.

Saw evil forces that merged; they had evil intentions..the struggle continues.

Forces converged on different venues, spots, and fronts in spiritual warfare.

Of course chefs in hell's kitchen presented ill menus; you know in love or war nothing is fair!!

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