Friday, February 26, 2010

All Up In The Spot....PT.9

All up in the spot!!! the concentration camp? inmates are running it..holding up progress like Jim they're happy!!!

I'm all about Progressive Liberation..but nobody was checking for me..they didn't holla at me.

Blessing or a curse? throwing a dollar at me and you!! whales kill at Sea World but the show goes on..whose getting played like Gary Coleman on Insider??..some chase it.

Stressing this mysterious universal traveler!!! didn't send a signal like the frozen Mars Lander..with fast cars like Tracy Chapman..but I didn't race it.

Stressing me? who said I didn't face it?..I fought back with the percussions.

Any rest for me and others? sometimes morale is low....some are even worried about a step we go for what we know...we bring these discussions..straight outta concentration camps.

Any rest for me? previous episodes play out...guns blast under the street lamps.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!! now a brotha is rolling in discrete camps.

Scattering around the universe..the mode? rolling down the street in the hooptie..pumping amps.

Crowd scattering due to the drama..some were running..catching cramps..out of shape?

What's mattering? the funkarama is going down..O-Dog pulled out a tape.

What's mattering? Progressive Liberation..going all out..escaping from the madness.

All up in the spot!! caught up in an unpleasant situation? they had us.

All up in the spot...the apparatus had us..up in concentration camps.

From the hoods of Louisville, Atlanta to drama that's Pakistan and Afghanistan's.

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