Saturday, February 13, 2010

They Didn't Know...

They didn't know who they were messing with!! royal blood flows through my veins.

But told them..I'm not stressing it...loyalty was shown? during the process? some find out the real deal...after losses and gains.

Time fixes everything..pains heal..but scars are left to remind some of the episodes.

Time fixes everything...but sometimes situations are reactivated ...when a brotha reachs thresholds.

Hood representative; never stressed the street codes...just followed them to the fullest extent.

Moving in discreet modes; one step ahead of Kojak and them!!they'll prosecute you to the fullest extent..

..of the law; what was it that the Marshall saw? Dekalb County Police set up roadblocks.

Martial law in a police state? as some show some spots?...terrorists some assassinate..the street code some will knock..

....along with the hustle; but we use physical and mental muscle ...these brothas will rock.

Blue collar...others down to Plan Z...smash and grabbing..while Wall Street brokers manipulate the stock...

Security heightens...the door some will of opportunity also close...

Plus booby traps are set up..slick like The Taliban...please!! what are you on? the devil will oppose..

Some rose to the occasion...winds of change blow like Cyclone Rene... in the American Samoa...

Others caught up in the situation...Ecological Ignorance Alter The Fate? influenced by the environment? but still royalty..they should act like they know a bro...

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