Monday, February 15, 2010

The Story Was Twisted!!!! Ecological Ignorance?

............what's the environment...any change to the climate?

Nosy ones have the story misconstrued!! you know they have it twisted!!

Rosy ones with the positive outlook? soon have their number unlisted.

Eviction notices issued; authorities call out a crook..the drama is visited once again.

Defensive linemen pressured quarterbacks; they'll be shook like Peyton Manning.

Offensive with mine? man please!! deceptive practices are what we faced.

Now I'm going off with this!! no Ecological Ignorance..calculated the cost of this..might raid the office!! after the joint was cased.

All about Progressive Liberation..knowing the history of those who were anointed are erased from the books.

Misery for all time slots? punishment gluttons are appointed!! now it's like Taliban snipers.. were all chased by the crooks.

What else is faced? sideways glances and looks paint the picture.

Back in the days? shady deals went sideways!! so they taint this scripture.

Da Vinci type picture!!! with the code..but paint spilled during the process!! the mixture is contaminated.

Security heightens; a brotha they stress!! even though my I.D. Card is laminated.

Diplomatic immunity enlightens a brotha; the damn hated, but that's what they do.

Dipped back to the community; Atlanta, up in Louisville or wherever..some were scammed, injured; they know what it do.

Another has the story twisted; next thing you know? they're caught up.

I ran off the drama when it revisited!! based on how I was brought up.

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