Thursday, February 4, 2010

So What's Up PT.2

What it do? what it does? what's the prognosis?

....analyzing the information, acting like we knew the proper dosage.

Acting like they do? Please!! they didn't come correct! wasn't acting proper when they approached this!

Word from this veteran in the game! now coaching this.

The train of thought is rolling! trainspotters approaching! like the wild wild it a jack move?

Pain caught while we were out got hot for us! heard the warming? we dipped for minute..but came back with another move.

Going all out!! going there!! can we groove? get in where we fit in?

Civil rights demonstration? civil disorder like the 60's? protest and the sit in?

Tribal Disorder for the world music we recognize it.

Meanwhile, due to circumstances my tribe gets out of order!! due to the new world order...recognize it.

The vibe? it's out of cameras record us on the grid?

Whose liable? credit agencies calling!! dealing with foreclosures.. all up in the spot some hid.

What's viable? trying not to flip my lid! trying to maintain.

What's Viacom, CBS and Fox News up to? contaminating the airwaves and the mainframe?

Out there in the mainstream of mathematics; what it do? what it does?

Out there beyond the stream of consciousness floating; you might here the buzz.

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