Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Times Are Hard On The Boulevard

Times are hard on the boulevard!! not just on Boulevard in Atlanta where the dope boys had ya!! endeavours are circumvented!! even if they just got back from the International Space Station..it's rough out there!!

Some try to roll up!! but agendas are not sweated!! please!! it's easy to be left mentally and physically scarred..knocked off your axis like the earth after the Chile earthquake..when they go there.

Whose losing control up in this piece? giving up chairmanship seats like Charles Rangel..frontline spiritual warfare business?

Frontlines can be anywhere.. but some have ecological ignorance.. didn't check the environment..meanwhile we're Taking Care Of Business..

Front on mine in this enviroment? the karmic repercussions are heavy.!!!

Whose gonna take the weight? things can go either way...but G.M couldn't take advantage of Toyota's misforture..whose lifting weights? working out at Golds Gym..are you ready?

Kiss 104 in Atlanta played both versions of Rock Steady..by the Whispers and by Aretha Franklin..heard them play in the background.

Rolling down I-20..put the West Coast mixtape in Guilty Simpson & Strong Arm Steady plays in the hooptie; MadLib provided that black sound.

Ready to roll!! I'm on my way!!! didn't back down!!! observing the scene.

Some are ready to steal your soul, spirit, or aura...based on what's heard and seen.

As I flow down the stream of consciousness..it's like Guatemala..whose running this? some front..I see some act brand new with me.

They said I was acting brand new!! because I exercised diplomatic immunity.

On the case!!! on my duty!! told them to act like they knew!! and recognize.

Heard what was said; but they were preaching to the choir!! needing to recognize.

Times are hard on the boulevard!!! recognize the pattern.

See how it goes down frpm A-Town to NYC from Pluto to Saturn.

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