Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sword Of Truth............

sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods

Some didn't know what it do; I roll up with the Sword Of I can school them.

Otherwise? I was minding and tending...a negative vibe they were sending..a brotha usually didn't fool with them.

Time was being wasted...trying to light a Waka Flocka Flame..auras were cut and Walter's..caught up in the game...caught up in no win situations..going in circles.

But this product is also cut and pasted..moving forward..some wonder how I work those.

Ill conduct tasted..devil will oppose..we're getting hurt by these and those policies.

That's why Obama is trying to turn up the heat on healthcare we're in the kitchen..funk is soaked and were exposing fallacies.

Foul with these? carrying a Sword Of Truth..getting crunk in Atlanta!!! not an O-Jay's backstabber with the dagger..others were cloak and dagger..smash and grabs..home invasions..palaces were under attack.

In other realms dude even tried to attack the Pentagon..smoked out due to being bi-polar? meanwhile I turned on my cloak of invisibility..the intergalactic swagger..out there in the universe..but now were back.

Back down on earth..carrying a Sword of Truth..all about Progressive Liberation..acting down to earth...some act like they don't see me!!! that could be a good thing!!

What's it all worth? at the end of the day? recognize that it's a hood thing.

What would work? what would a brotha bring? it's The Sword Of Truth when I slide through the portal.

What will hurt? feeling the pain and anguish!!! recognize how the sport will go.

Short dog will go for what he knows!! peeped game!!hip to the stereotypes.

What's the status? the apparatus is slick!!! tokens of appreciation it hypes.

Check the status!! dont believe the hype was the word from Flavor was hot like Red Hot Chile Peppers...

Before he started pimping..these folks wont behave!! shaking things up like Chile...or the Chicago Bears signing Julius Peppers..

Bringing the Sword of Truth when we step up with the midst of so many falsehoods..

Draw your own conclusions..I've drawn mine..after being victimized by Deliberate Falsehoods..

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