Sunday, March 21, 2010

Information Overload?

contribute to the confusion of the world

My aura was under attack from all sides!!! Information Overload? the devil is a liar.

Horror and terror is introduced!!!.or reintroduced!!...because I expressed Random Thoughts? like the town crier.

Strands of information coming in too fast? Spiritual warfare frontline business going down!! the sword of truth is carried as a weapon... once again its on.

Karmic repercussions tabulated? called number ones get knocked many points were we scoring?

Percussions were calculated..programmed..but boring to jet setters?

Discussions heard...what's the word? always something there to remind folk are hated because we were go getters.

Discussions heard...strawberry letters like the Steve Harvey Morning Show or like the Brothers Johnson?

Percussions I wrote letters to myself like Chi-Lites ...but whose responding?

Scientific!! transponding!! transcending transforming..the metamorphis.

Mathematics dropped!!! plus beat blending!! up in the matrix like Morpheus.

Fanatics stay busy!!! but I know how the sport is!! now sending messages.

What will the business be? what it do? were taking care of it..check these passages.

Feeling the spirits of middle passage descendants...royalty from back in the day.

Back with this breakbeat science business!! but played like were back in the way.

Back and forth like Cameo!!! from the streets to the church pulpit corporate offices.

As we go forth!! going for what we know!! rebuking the corporal punishment.

....Administered by a punishment glutton..misery loves company.

Cycles like menstrual..but this minister of information has diplomatic immunity.

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