Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Information Overload PT.2

it's like Google vs. China..glitches in the matrix prevented info from flowing through the grid.

The snitches that fake it get flabberghasted!! guns blasted!! what's up with it? Information Overload? some drop the F-Bomb like Joe Biden!! ready to flip their lid!!

Pitches weren't caught by the catcher!! I slid into home base after stealing it.

Bringing a fresh batch for ya!! so what's up with ya? it's hot like the hottest chile in the world..using bass, treble and tone!! to rebuke the mass konfusion we're dealing with.

Plots and schemes? haters will hatch them on ya!! even nuclear facilities were built.

Polluted rivers; streams; bad dreams!!! check the cards that are dealt.

Givers and takers!! haves and have nots!! everybody felt the pressure.

Fakers have plots to increase the cash flow!! gamblers out for a fast one.

From Somalia to Atlanta...they'll blast on one!! or maybe the whole crew.

Al Roker gave the weather forecast!! so what's up with it? what it do? Al Gore told about global warming!! act like you know.

A foul joker forged documents!! but the podcast will blast!! O-Dog is rocking it.

Security heightens due to terrorist...the window of opportunity? they're locking it.

O-Zone enlightens!!! but the hustle they're knocking it!! but diplomatic immunity is issued.

Hostile takeovers are rebuked!! back with it!! the weapons? the funk is used.

Hot styles? please!! a brotha cruised down I-20 in the hooptie.

Flowing through glitches in the system..but trying to stay off the grid...act like you know me.

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