Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catch Me While You Can...

for a limited time only

Catch me now..while you can..soon blasting off into the galaxy.

What we're we coming with? Batched up something fresh!! brink of disaster off in this piece? haters get foul with me!!

Drama ratchets up to another level!! shadetree mechanics with the tools? now palaces are under attack..from Atlanta to Pakistan.

Dealing with another devil..From NYC to MIA..whose mia?..there missing in action.

Feel me!! all up in the middle of the action!! but the climate has changed.

Feel me Al Gore said!! it was warming up!! meanwhile O-Dog percussions banged.

Dealing me a bad hand!! cosmos warning me? karmic repercussions? things rearranged.

Real with me? a bad land resident? all up in the spot where heavy artillery banged.
Real with me? a benevolent stranger? in Babylon/ not how the deal will be!! man please!!

What it do? hell is caught!! morale is low!! whose really at ease?

Catch me while you can!! soon I'll ease on down the road..just like the wiz.

The Sonic Assault will be the vehicle!! see a brotha handle his biz.

Lesson taught; wrong place at the wrong time? that's why I handle my business before it handles me!! recognize.

Sho you right!! like Barry White!! for real though!! I break it down to size.

Corporations down size!! or jobs go to other what it do?

Abort these operations? please!!! there's spiritual significance!! act like you knew.

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