Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Up In The Spot PT. 11

All up in the spot! all up in the game!! coming back like Tiger Woods.. a brotha had to draw a conclusion.

Things have gotten hot!! the climate change!! global warming? some acted false up in the institution.

I carry a sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods!!

Not on one accord with some!! they were acting false up in these hoods!

False advertising led to the consumption of goods and services..found out methods and means were fraudulent.

Of course it'll be a bit messy!! what was the function? some were swerving caught up in it.

My diplomatic immunity was challenged!! haters stressing me!! but I was brought up in it!! a hood representative.

It's in my chromosones!! all up in danger zones!! seeped through in the O-Dog sound!! it's a good representative.

Rolling through the hoods of Babylon!! no benevolence shown!! as I carry the sword of truth.

Society tries to trump up charges!! stacking the evidence!! while some were sipping on sizzurp..nodding..I was low key, low profile!! haters said Im arrogant and aloof.

Told them to look around!! proof is provided..were on the frontlines of spiritual warfare.

Running through the Babylon wilderness with the sword of truth when I go there.

Spiritual significance in this operation!! as we go there!! it's about Progressive Liberation.

As we proceed and continue to Transcend and Transform..leaving the negative situation.

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