Friday, March 5, 2010

So What's The Next Move??

What it do? it seems like secret squirrels made it harder than it had to be!!!

Might have hid things from themselves!!! haters peep to see what the next move will be.

.....Or even played themselves...incriminating evidence left in the open.

Meanwhile we bring progressive liberating music to get you open.

Others were told to go on with their bad selves!!! that's how they got open!!!

Brothas like me pull breakbeats off the shelve!!! I had to put plans in motion.

I had a notion!! ecological ignorance didn't alter the fate...didn't fool around off the coast of Somalia...I knew the environment.

Lotion needed? for Ash Wednesday? asked they would play the Lent?

Dude had the afro like Questlove of the Roots..Linc Hayes..or Cornel West..but lent was in it..notions are needed..get a clue ..others will circumvent.. like Charles Rangel taking chances? authorities pull phone and internet stake out the crib.

I was taking chances; working an angle like Dilated Peoples..rolling down I-20 in Dekalb County, Georgia..listening to Guilty Simpson and MadLib.

Taking chances..guilty or innocent? OJ Simpson ad libbing on the witness stand?

Taking the Pentagon shooter... meanwhile I'm free styling..O-Dog's tracks play..bear witness man.

From Atlanta to Pakistan...NYC to Iraq.. and all points in between...Gordon Brown holding back....what's the business?

Haters brand ya like Chuck Connors or Marion Jones: stripes? medals? stripping those.

Will Chuck Norris receive honors in these zones for the rescue?

Needing help from Rambo; damn bro!! don't let them get the best of you!!

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