Saturday, March 13, 2010

Collateral Damage...Once Again It's On!!

...................doing damage!!..............

Listening to some old hip hop..dude said he was a microphone damager!!

But recognize the pattern..micro or macro economics? all up in the spot!! dealing or chilling with a micro manager?

It don't stop!!! I was up in the 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme back in the day..had to Come Clean..Jeru the Damaja was blasting!!

It don't stop!! no justice from Supreme Courts!! so I stay a step ahead!! in Babylon? peace isnt everlasting.

Especially in the drama kingdom!! ruled by drama royalty!! they've got us fasting and praying!!

Similar to the wild kingdom? the jungle? you know predators were preying!!

Predatory lenders? fighting a Predator like Arnold? is the hood a terrorist stronghold..with jackers and smash and grabbers?

Rumble in the jungle like Muhammed Ali and George Foreman!!! right hooks and left jabbers!!

Bass rumbles in the lab; work put in like Dr Frankenstein..but George Clinton Dr. Funkenstien type results.

Or maybe Darrell Griffith Dr. Dunkenstein Louisville type business!! the funk stanks!! Sonic Assault on these cults!!

Feel the results!! for a limited time only like fast food spots.

Real deal Holyfield!!..word from Atlanta..playing the field!! in Pakistan some will yield..collateral damage..drama not limited to fast ones..up in the hood spots.

Real deal!! when we connect the dots from NYC to Los Angeles.

Worldwide they feel this and that..from Haiti to Afghanistan Pakistan..even in the hood old dude was armed and dangerous!!

All up in the spot!!! fumbled to get to the 38!! a stranger is scrutinized.

All up in the spot!! the apparatus corrupted us...not surprised

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