Sunday, March 14, 2010

....They Said It's All Love!!!

They said it was all love!!! next thing I knew...we were in a storm like the Northeast...they were jamming me up!!!

No love shown fron coast to coast..pushing and shoving like in the low post...Dwight Howard vs. in a box..cramming me up.

O-Zone...I'm Outside The Box...that's whatsup...meanwhile O-Dog grooved..jammed up in this piece!! it's the Sonic Assault. mind moved to higher ground like Stevie Wonder talked about!! based on lessons that are taught.

Not playing around with those trying to deceive me!! many weapons at their market..they'll take me under!! all up in this spot!!

Playing the sound!!! dropping the Good Word!! who'll believe me when I told them its hot?

Told about global Al Gore..believe it or not.

Spanning the globe!! brain storming!!! dropping funk that stanks!! the structure rots.

Strobe lights from the disco inferno were illuminating the spot!! once again it's on.

Probed the nights..the darkness....where did you spot me?...had to stay one step ahead of illuminatti..they haven't stopped hating!! time has been allotted ..while were in the discovery zone.

Insights provided!!! others plotted and there was wishful thinking.

O-Zone writes..confided in himself..floating down the stream of consciousness!!! in the water fishing and drinking.

In a zone!! not wishing or hoping...but thinking of a master plan.

....Like Eric B and Rakim and nem...but please believe me!! I'm praying following the Masters Plan!!

.....Spiritual Significance in this operation..frontline warfare business!! haters blast like Kandahar..Afghanistan.

They said it's all love!!! but how did I end up in this jam?

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