Monday, March 22, 2010

Collections..Like Accounts That Defaulted..

I collected thoughts that were Hurricane Katrina victims.

Random thoughts enemy positions are bombarded!!is this the Day Of Wrath? it's based on being in the heart of it..unpleasant situations.

Dealing with Federations and Confederations and their rules regulations and procedures.

The daughter of chaos is ignored..not like the Chi-Lites singing "Have You Seen You."

Left out there on the the gray between a rock and a hard place.

I felt the pressure...authorities will stress they're trying to crack a hard case.

Dude down in Jamaica had the screw or hard face..said down there is no paradise!!

Tourists don't see the big picture!! "it aint nothing nice."

A brotha had to think twice about a lot of these things!! three sides to every story.

Your side! my side! plus the truth! will it be told in this territory?

As we ride..history is in the's the Sword of Truth I carry..but the blades have to be sharpened.

One thing is evident; "no justice no peace"...that's word from Al Sharpton.

Whatcha starting? now trying to do damage control!! no runaway Toyota Prius?

Whatcha starting? pump those brakes!! "whatcha talking about Willis?" Gary Coleman would say..dont even try this!

Reality will jump the fakes.."oops upside the head" like The Gap Band..but a lie is considered the law!! part of the doctrine.

As we get with you!!! carrying the Sword of Truth...we rock them.

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