Thursday, March 4, 2010

Escape Routes........

In the Babylon Wilderness...where mass konfusion is..looking for escape routes..maybe Gov. Paterson needs to find one...but didn't have GPS.

Recognize how real it is; God will bless this!!! now that's the real business.

Recognize the it goes down..O-Dog continues to throw down..we continue to take care of business..check the sound..

Recognize from Mars to Saturn to Pluto..act like you now..from Newburg to's going down.

From the A-Town to the Oak-Town...from NYC to Baghdad to Kandahar.

Playing around? if you weren't taken out..your left with a scar.

Trying to dip in Tracy Chapmans fast car!! rolling down I-20, I-65, I-95...might even blast off like the Virgin Galactic..shuttle.

Intergalactic..spiritual warfare going down..frontlines everywhere..veteran in the coaching like Phil Jackson ..calling the play in the huddle.

What's a brotha trying to do? actually not playing games!! not playing around!! after haters raised the bar? took a loss!! had to regroup.

What's the alternative? what are we working with? it's not's the brand new we try to recoup.

Working with the's hash..check the loop ..recuperation takes place.

Not playing around!! joking with these fools and fakes...whose raising the stakes? not part of the natural process.

Not playing around!! things have warmed up like the Arctic..the whole climate has changed..spotted escape routes..sliding through portals..they cant stop this.

Moving straight ahead!!! baldy with the personna of a dread ..check out how we rock this.

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