Sunday, March 7, 2010

parallel dimension dwella..still putting it down

actually multi-dimensional

A college professor..addressing students..or preacher dropping the word on the congregation?

Or standing on the block cursing!! holla like Marvin Gaye!!.."the way they do my life" what you facing?

In hoopties racing down Candler Road in Decatur, Georgia;or sliding through realms or portals ;reachimg Mars in forty days...multi-dimensional.

Chilling with bloods, crips, disciples, or Latin Kings..all knowing how the sport will go.

Adam soon in court?... I don't know maybe not!! ...meanwhile up in District Court..some are knowing how it go!! with prosecutors and district attorneys.

No justice no peace!!! no corporate expense accounts to pay for defense attorneys.

No justice no peace!! shootouts at Wal-Mart in Texas..gurneys at Shands in Jax, Grady in the ATL, or University up in the Ville deliver collateral damage.

Chinese try to control other gamblers are out for a fast buck!! Corporate CEO's..pastors, and government officials!! out in Las Vegas trying to do damage.

How do we manage...a nosy one asks? then refer the information to drama kings and queens.

The struggle continues!! can't even get stimulated!! as we scrimmage with them and those!! can we stay composed? ear shattering gunshots exploded!! when we're observing these scenes.

Gangster leans up in hoopties!! from Los Angeles to Atlanta!!! from Louisville to Oakland.

From Afghanistan to Chi-Town..even in Nigeria...troopers didn't front...they tried to get open.

.....Alt shift deleting!! the brotha man soon extinct? who cares.

Caught defeating the sense of purpose? on the brink of disaster? who'll try to dare us?

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