Saturday, March 27, 2010

Information Overload PT.3

Feeling like I was racked up!! running the ball against Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.

Knowledge done; stayed on the one..never slacked Information Overload..packing weapons...with the Sword..will the Truth be told?? nevermore Edgar Allen Poe..the Ravens.

The mothership backed up!!! beep beep!! points scored like Lebron or maybe D Wade.

Or maybe like Kobe!! championship robe will be worn like Muhammed Ali..after the game is played.

Act like you know me!!! some roll up on me after I strayed off the path..but I came back home.

Act like you know me!! what can they show me? some can't control me!! as I stayed off their math..check the path..the train of thought was rolling!! my mind roams.

They were acting like they had something for me!!..but I couldn't use it.

Please!! it's about Progressive Liberation!! not trying to lose it.

The assignment? I choose it!! especially if it's about liberation or freedom.

The alignment? the collaboration wasn't a good one!! I see them wouldn't want to be them.

The alignment helped the hooptie!! it's rolling smooth down I-85.

The solitary confinement helped me!! the loops were funky!! we're Transmitting Live.

As I transcend and survival mode!! but Dekalb County police were rolling...the block is hot.

Messages I send in the songs!! after I fell back!! check out the breakbeats..the funk..this is the by product.

What was the conduct? they said familiarity breeds contempt though.

What's the conduct? the judge said contempt of court!! who else will circumvent?

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