Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Up In The Spot PT.10

All up in spot..morale was low..seems minds were troubled.

Things got hot!! some went for what they know!! now the stress doubled.

Some tried to be all they can be!! like the army!! that's what love will do!! who holds the straw that broke the camels back?

Push and shove you for a dollar!! then chill out smoking Camel's or Salem's...brown or green pack.

Can we groove? what it do? brought the sound back!! O-Dog had the breakbeats.

Can we move? what it do? Taking Care of business!! no jacks are faked in the streets.

Noticed that the fiery lake is getting full!! others dive in!! never learned to swim like Sir Nose.

...."everybody plays a fool sometimes" like Main Ingredient said..plus the Parliament Funkadelic told them how it goes!!!

So what's the word on the curb? how it goes? anybody know what time it is?

Like that song from Chicago!! asking Flavor Flav..he had the clock ....plus I heard what the rhyme was or is.

So whatcha know? some can tell me what the grime!! it's dirty!! life is messy.

So whatcha know? seeing what time it is!! knowing God will bless me.

Wasn't odd that a hater confessed to me..talking out the side of their neck.

The sideways glances let me know I didn't have their respect.

I still ride!! making advances!! going for what I know!! on to the next.

I still ride!! taking chances..leaving this spot...it's on to the next!!!

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