Thursday, November 18, 2010

Posted Up

Posted up like Dwight Howard..but I have more than the basic moves.

Brand new funk posted up at the podcast..similar to atom smashing at the Large Hadron Collider...more than the basic grooves.

A brotha proves things to himself and hopefully others..principles are universal.

Another was fronting!! said they're rolling with the called masters of the universe..but we're seeing how that goes.

....Good luck with that!! that's what I told them!! bearing witness to the results.

Whose corrupt with that? rolling with Illuminatti.skull and bones..and other cults!

Erroneous information from Cincinatti to Old Natti in College Park, Georgia led to a waste of time and money.

Drama kings and queens were acting up!! from Kandahar to Johannesburg..from Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg!! problems were physical!! mental!! reflecting on how they felt emotionally.

So called royalty was not deferred to!! nobody heard you!! situations get hijacked like China did the internet..some felt we needed to go along with their program.

But O-Dog was dropping the brand new funk..wasn't really feeling the slow jam.

Whatcha know man? that was some Dramatics or Stylistics playa playa type stuff.

Stacy Adams shoes and polyester slacks!! wide brimmed hat!! listening to Roger and Zapp So Ruff So Tuff!

In the ATL? suburban kids were rolling to the cop heroin.

Whatcha working with? mentioned Tina Turner saying we didn't need a hero!! not again!

But once again it's on!! Im posted up like a back in the day Shaq.

O-Zone came back with the good word..O-Dog came with the funky track!

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