Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jokers Still Haven't Learned Their Lesson!

Taking a look at things; damn!!  like Ted Cruz vs Jay Leno..I see some jokers still haven't learned their lessons! 

Taking a look at things!! It Wasn't Natural! some act ungrateful with what they have / earned; but God still blessed them! 

Like Bank of America / Countryside...a crook had things under control!! hateful!!  its not odd that the system stressed them and those! 

The Bible / rules book for the game mentioned it!  along with the old school Baptist preacher..they said the devil will oppose! 

The rules?  a crook broke those!!  check the Deliberate Falsehood;  some are soon facing a baptism of fire!! I suppose no long range plans were made! 

O-Dizzle? he got busy...hook lines and his own beats were used!!  check the Street Funk...check the sonic aggression as I get with them!!  will I bully them like Richie Incognito vs Jonathan Martin? its going down before the shot clock expires!! the funk is played!

 So whats the dizzle? I'm running things like Goodluck Jonathan; what was I on?  the sonic blackjack is swinging!! Oops Upside The Head per The Gap Band... the charade is rebuked!

 So whats the dizzle?  jokers claim this is hazardous Iran or North Korea is whats unfolding?  the spot might get nuked? 

So whats the dizzle? beauty I'm beholding along with the seems good and evil coincide..

So whats the dizzle? check the Call Of Duty....Ghost Protocol Mission Impossible type moves made when we ride..

We slide through the portal with these lesson plans per elementary school teachers..but its not Elementary Dear Watson per Sherlock Holmes!!

As we ride through the streets of Atlanta..dipping down I-20..whats up money? The Chronicles will tell the story...teaching jokers a lesson from Candler Rd in Decatur to the west side...over by Hamilton E Holmes...



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