Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transition / Transformation PT.2

Astrologers stated were moving forward now that Mercury in Scorpio is direct! 

As we Roger this or that per truckers with the CB radio up on I-75 in Kentucky...who will work with me?  a veteran now coaching ...knowing how the sport will go!!  so I come correct! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..Zapp and Roger's More Bounce To The Ounce plays in the background.....while a hater will circumvent...trying to delay us like Dekalb Police..they should see were in transition / transformation! 

...this good word is based on my soul's vision...plus its combined with a fresh view / fresh vision...but some of this might be lost in translation! 

Everybody ain't able...like Haitian migrants trying to reach America others were lost in transition...as I change my position so satellites won't detect me! 

The UN tries to play me like North Korea, cutting deals with Iran or clocking  Syria;  they want to inspect me! 

Like this is hazardous material!!  but what we have is spiritual!!  but I see another tries to steal my aura!!  hijack it like pirates in Nigeria!! but I have other modes of transportation! 

A brotha gets intergalactic with it like the Mars Curiosity Rover during the ongoing transition / transformation!

Damn!!  I see another..no curiosity..just a fanatic that didnt get it!! was it information overload?  some people can only handle so much! 

....or maybe they're worried about the wrong thing like the GOP about Obamacare!!  so on and such and such!

 Some count us out!!  but we came through in the clutch while we were in transition / transformation! 

...knowing the devil is opposed!!  officials were calling illegal procedures or illegal formation!

But We Kept On Running...Out There...Check the Mix out

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