Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Up In The Spot; Check The Reception / Deception PT.3

We're all up in the spot...we even spotted the old school Caddie Fleetwood Brougham dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! I guess dude was trying to catch up on his pimping!

 Its rough out here in these streets / in the hood; check the reception / deception...whatcha knowing?  please!!! its complex! like TSA shootings at LAX...damn!!  wishing it was a simple thing! 

Alt shift delete buttons didn't work too good...NSA shenanigans were revealed by Edward Snowden ATLiens believed hypes..I Spotted homie as he pimped through this thing!! rocking the Stacy Adams shoes with taps and the polyester slacks! 

...or in business suits!! dealing with disputes?  a wannabe mover or shaker like corporate CEOs or TeaParty Republicans?  health care websites?  a joker hacks! 

Lawsuits were filed!! oh yeah!! check the reception / deception..its that kind of party!! another attacks the character!! attempting an assassination! 

Another loots the treasury!! from JP Morgan Chase to Citigroup and others...check the reception / deception!!  pleasure will be the mission per catching up on their pimping! 

Spotted jokers bouncing / limping  walking through Lenox Mall in Atlanta..the government shutdown is over!!  the cash flow picks up!

Spotted jokers snitching / whistleblowing and Wikileaking!! meanwhile..across the galaxy stars are streaking;  per Aaron Alexis the electromagnetic extremely low frequencies pick up!

Spotted jokers pitching like Detroit Tigers...but David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox  figured it all out..some of them rocked beards like the dudes on Duck Dynasty..

Others schemed and plotted like Brooklyn Nets..adding Paul Pierce and Kevin three-peat for the Miami Heat? an end of the dynasty...

Please!! where did you find me? all up in the spot...please!! as we continue to deal with the reception / deception...

Please!! the bright lights didn't blind me after waiting in the dark for a minute...looking at things with a fresh view / fresh vision..

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