Sunday, November 3, 2013

Charge It To The Game!!

Its going down!! I guess you can say God's will is done!! so charge it to the game! 

Its going down!! check the karma...some will get whats coming to them!!... any credibility?  can you charge it in your name? 

Bills will alarm ya!!  Visa, Master Card;  one Discovers that its rough out here! 

...Per the Sonic Assault and WordPress version!! check me out... The Brotha O-Zone is out here swerving!! I can bear witness!!  its rough out here! 

But we go there!! out there in the danger zone !! Dekalb County Police set up roadblocks...overseas UN weapons inspectors look for nukes and chemicals! 

But we go there!! we noticed some are restrained like the pitbull on the chain in my neighbor's backyard!!  but O-Zone jukes like Barry Sanders since I'm rocking the number 20 throwback..I go back!! dropping these subliminals! 

Charge it to the game?  I grew up with criminals!!  due to socio-economic factors they were rolling on that Plan Z strategy.

Rolling in Dodge Chargers targeted by Metro Atlanta police!! realizing what the deal will be?

 It'll be a Nathan Shady Deal!!  also manipulated by the GOP hacking healthcare. were told to charge it to the game! 

But lets be real!! the way this economy is;  who can charge it in their name?

Whose in charge? who can you blame?   please!! was security lax..per LAX?

Losing? winning? charge it to the game! word from this veteran in the game now coaching...wishing it was simple...but I see its complex....

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