Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm Over It

This is how its going down!!  I'm using breakbeat science to get over with! 

This is how its going down!! the affect of past episodes has diminished...per Dr Phil I had to get over it! 

Now the real authentic is prevalent..I'm moving on ..but not to the other team like Timothy Geithner...I'm trying to be right with ya...even though its evident that there's no benevolence! 

Like the GOP vs Obamacare...jokers take it there..real authentic fanatics were all up in it!! I heard what was said!! check out the belligerence!

 Now some are still caught out there with substandard healthcare;  but  we continue to take it there! were real authentic with these mathematics!!  one of the weapons used in the ongoing spiritual warfare! 

...Plus the mothership is rolling!! from I-20 in Atlanta to out on Pluto and Mars..please!! were out there!! just  like the MAVEN launch..intergalactic funk was the by product after we went there! 

...Plus a brotha gets scientific!! dealing with the local national international  and intergalactic drama!! was I misbehaving because  my conduct is the rebuttal? 

Whats the deal with it? I was over in Decatur with it..dealing with real authentic monkey ass armchair quarterbacks!! ready to run a play....fresh out of the huddle! 

A brotha will do what he does; but opposition is met..I'm dealing  with a hater or two..I know forces are working against me!

...secret societies..secret entities..secret we deal with those and these..but I'm letting it go!!  I get over it!!  I already see whose for or  against me...

Jokers are crooks like JP Morgan with the mortgage fraud... that's why I get free and stay free!!  I'm getting over it!

 I'm Doing What I do!!  using this breakbeat science to get over with!

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