Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hectic / Chaotic PT.2

The Full Moon in Taurus was last Sunday when I started to write this...but jokers are still acting funny! 

Whats up with us? not on AMA with Pitbull...please!! Mr. T said he pities the the ATL pulling capers in the Ford Taurus....please!! Life Is Hectic!!  jokers said its all about the money! 

Jokers even tried to run me!! over on Candler Road in Decatur  Dekalb Police  dipped in the Ford Taurus or Dodge Charger trying to start with a brotha! 

Whats up it it?  damn! brothas and sisters even get profiled in Dodge Chargers in the ATL area! 

Check the scenario;  whatcha know? in the grey area its chaotic..but due to Bay Area Scenarios O-Zone will rock it! 

Check the scenario  from the unrest in Syria to Nigeria..or all the way to your zone;  the hustle? somebody will knock it! 

Somebody will block it! even if your on the road to Damascus..bear witness to the catch phrase! 

No justice no peace!!  facing every possible obstacle.. they'll catch in a daze! 

Caused by the haze from the smoke and mirrors!!  now things are hectic  / chaotic! 

Unlike didnt amaze folk have been disrespected!!  but we continue to rock it!

Lucifer and his advocates had their hands in it...making things hectic / chaotic....whose outraged by the destruction / corruption? 

Not acting brand new with ya when we came back with we get breakbeat scientific...thats whats up son!!


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