Friday, November 22, 2013

Once Again Its On / The Return Of The Hot Messenger

They said I was a hot mess! I told them to call me the hot messenger! 

Urban legend?  any legendary status?  patriot or crook per Henry Kissinger? 

Working it like John Legend with the Green Light with help from Andre 3000!! pulling out universal maps and a GPS!!  I even left the solar system back on earth...once again its on! 

....after observing it;  the scene..whats it all mean?  now ready to roll.. I'm on my way!! once again its on! 

Dipping through the danger zones!! from I-580-880 in Oakland to I-20 in Atlanta and all points between! 

...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg...from Lagos Nigeria to  mall shootings in Nairobi Charlotte / Mecklenburg..whats heard or seen? 

Jokers are even intergalactic with it when they go ballistic!! fanatics were seen battling Martians and Plutonians! 

Back with it this hot message!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..slowed down by Rockdale

..from that county..New Orleans Saints with the bounty? they come to Atlanta and beat the Falcons...

Its on again...funky is how the sound will be...its the rebuttal against evil forces merging like Islamist groups in Syria..considered foul ones? 

 Its on again!! dealing with the system / matrix!! they won't let
you rest! 

Its on again!!  they said this is a hot mess but its word from
the hot messenger!! we won't let it rest!




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