Saturday, November 30, 2013

Releasing The Pressure

We hit the switch / we pressed the button;  were in the lab like NASA studying Comet ISON...but were trying to release the pressure! 

Damn!!  whats up son? we swung on the pitch and missed like Prince traded;  the game?  like PS4 or XBox One we played it!!  but it'll get the best of ya! its some kind of test for ya!!  Logistics mentioned Reality Checkpoints! 

Some will get whats coming to them..they didn't have the gist of this thing called reality..they were stopped at what you might want to call karma checkpoints! 

Disrespected!!  society anoints a slacker!!  while those putting in work like Wal-Mart workers having to go on strike get no attention!

Disrespected!!  even though it was Black Friday my people felt the pressure!!  but due to the economy some were too broke to pay attention! 

I disconnected from the mainframe; now I try to maintain!! releasing the pressure! 

Errors were corrected like Jason Kidd working with the Brooklyn Nets..even though thought and fashion police issued demerits;  you know they'll test ya! 

It can get the best of ya!!  but I  connected with kindred spirits!! now we put it down like this! 

Releasing the pressure!! were over it!! now check us out!! as we put it down like this!

Jokers will test ya...local national international and even on intergalactic fronts...aliens even mentioned the sound is like this...this is what the meant by funk...

Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline as we get with ya...releasing the pressure..back in the day? ATLiens mentioned getting crunk... 

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