Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lost In Translation / Transition...

I heard what was said!! like Kim Jong-un delivering his first North Korea address... so I had the rebuttal; but a lot of it was lost in translation!

Whats Really Going? like my other site where I'm word-pressing.......check this good word and the street funk from O-Dizzle; were fast breaking!! defenders were lost in transition!

I was over in Decatur Georgia on Candler Rd...I heard dude say the Olds Cutlass Supreme was broke down!! it'll cost to fix that transmission.....check with Manny Moe and Jack! 

Whats up with us? rebuking a hater like Timothy Geithner calling out Romney on statements concerning working women...were flowing down the stream of consciousness; Transmitting Live with the hardcore sound!!! check the O-Dog track! 

Whats up with the system? how are they working them? are things sinking like the Titanic? whose manipulating? shape shifting? was poison was placed in the HVAC?

Its allergy season in Atlanta...enhanced by Chemtrails near Hartsfield Jackson airport? check this report...we have the knack!

.....for dropping this breakbeat science; but some of it may be lost in translation!

Were fast breaking on them like old school LA Lakers with Magic Johnson!!! some will be lost in transition!

The Sonic Assault will blast on fakers....O-Dizzle?  he's that funky type of soul brotha...

O-Zone was unbought and unbossed like Hosea I hip you to ongoing shady dealings brought forth by another...

Clones and drones are dealt's like were in Pakistan or Afghanistan vs the whats up man? when dropping this breakbeat science some of it will be lost in translation / transition...

Zones will still get penetrated as we drop this insight like Northern its the aurora borealis...these brothas are real with this!!...check our position..


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