Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Outback Chronicles / Random Thoughts Edition

Check out these Outback Chronicles; but I'm not down under like Crocodile Dundee! 

Plus I'm not at Outback Steakhouse; O-Dizzle goes all out with the track!! O-Zone has this good word; but Blogster is done with me!

Sitting out back on my deck composing this; jazz / funk / breakbeats / hip hop and house are usually composed in the compound! 

In Tulsa some fool is trying to hunt brothas whats going down? I'm out back....on my deck...birds chirping..mockingbirds singing; spotted the red cardinal; maybe because I'm a Louisville brotha like Rozier..but coming with the sound! 

Down in Sanford Florida a joker mentioned standing his ground; but its deeper than that!

Chilled down there for a minute; its rough on brothas and sistas..."it ain't nothing nice" Neo Nazis patrol the gets deeper than that!

 I wasn't sleeping on that!! nationwide others aren't either! 

Freedom? were creeping up on that!! once caught up in the system; subject to the authority of an evil doer! 

Trying to act like they knew ya; soon your subjects of drama royalty and their flawed policies!

These brothas came back from Louisville / Johannesburg...from out in the galaxies..Pluto / Mars...coming through to expose the fallacies!

From Charlotte Mecklenburg to the ATL!! where I'm sitting on my deck writing these Outback Chronicles! 

The danger zone? were in the heart of it...for freedom? were going all out for it; that's our response to these and those!

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