Monday, April 30, 2012

Frank Zappa - Big Swifty

Sunday Jazz Continues!  by now? y'all should know how it'll work..

The saga / struggle continues; how / what / when / where? be aware, you'll see how it'll work..

Do the math / do the work for what it's worth; showing what the pursuit of knowledge is..

Plus digital crate digging continues, scrutinizing these menus while we're out on these edges..

Plus those that hate continue doing what they do; not holding my breath waiting to see when the paradigm shift will be..

In the meantime and between time lets check out some jazz / rock with none other than Frank Zappa....with one of his standout tracks called Big Swifty 

Check out the players and the track!!

 Frank Zappa - guitar and percussion

Tony Duran - slide guitar

George Duke - ring modulated and  echo - plexed electric piano

Sal Marquez - many trumpets and chimes

Erroneous - electric bass

Aynsley Dunsbal - drums ..

Check this out at Frank Zappa - Big Swifty

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