Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Outback Chronicles PT.2...Just Zoning..

Chilling out ....outback on my what I thought was going to be a safe haven or safe harbor; I was just zoning! 

But spots will get raided.....jokers will go on a shooting spree like in Tulsa...whats up with ya? who has jurisdiction? so called authorities were planning or zoning! 

Jurisdictions will hold fund raisers like the Dekalb County police posted up with roadblocks and radars..whose facing time behind bars?  is the truth told or was it pure fiction? whats the business in these hostile territories?

As we repel hostile takeovers from terrorists...asking questions like Mike Wallace....R.I.P....were dedicated to the truth; using a hot style to tell these stories!

Big things got hot!! the situations foul due to George Wallace types...not the comedian...progress? haters are impeding...we fell from glory among these earthlings! 

We were clashing with the titans....not the ones from Tennessee...feel me? jokers didn't like how we worked things! 

So now whats up? chilling outback on the we reflect..broke..not cashing out like Cash feeling the wrath of the titans ....but we fight back! 

So now whats up? chilling outback on the deck...the grass needs cutting..but were too busy lashing out...dropping this math that enlightens..we bring the light back!

So now whats up? wrong path takers went right back into the dark;  in that zone is where they're hating!

Was it the wrong math they cling to? contemplating...reflecting.... zoning is what we do; irrelevant issues were not debating!

Plus we're not relating to jokers like Sen. Chuck Grassley trying to make the masses think the grass will be greener on the other side...

Just zoning...but soon jokers that are hating get hit up with the Sonic Assault...that ass will be on fire!!..were not tired...for freedom these brothas will ride....

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