Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Kept On Running...Concepts Revisited..

I tell got lonely out there; but these brothas kept on running! 

The Brotha O-Zone will keep it moving even though I had to sacrifice; couldn't play it like Russell Westbrooks and keep gunning! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; I let those crooks handle their business! 

I was still parking lot pimping though; saw dude roll up in the GMC Denali..but the vehicle was too big to park!!!  I know what the deal is! 

Its hard to get in where you fit the Chicago Bulls will be without Derrick Rose...the style will be out of sync with others! 

But you have to keep it moving...even though "it ain't nothing nice" time to pose for glamour shots...we're avoiding the brink of disaster like others! 

It got lonely out there!!!  but we kept on running...just  like Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson we keep fighting; its like proving to others we can master this and that! 

But we knew where the danger zone will be...not a spy in a bag...we follow God's will; he's the master of this and that! 

As we get into this and that; check out the swag...we're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; the Chronicles let you know whats up! 

We kept on running!! chilling... stopped at Lenox Mall to see whats up! 

Technologies / time periods clash; dude laid in the cut watching videos on the laptop...while homie with the high top fade walked through with a boombox!

Psychologies / time periods clash; dude had on a Bush / Cheney t-shirt..watching Fox News bash President Obama....supporting Rupert Murdoch!

Whatcha heard?  O-Dizzle will rock!! he kept on running..going in getting it in! 

Whatcha heard?  plans fizzle!! O-Zone was alone in a zone; but he kept on running..he's not stopping or quitting!


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