Sunday, April 22, 2012

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew..

We were greedy like we were at Ryan's or Golden Corral; we bit off more than we can chew! 

Big ballers said forget the needy!!! continue swagging; get rich or die trying....word from 50 Cent!! check the style; he told you what it do!

Winds of change were blowing while I sat outback on the deck;  get a clue my mind was telling me! 

Life is hectic...its a bitch!!! She's strange like Cameo said; but I better hit it my kind were telling me!

Miles Davis told me about the Bitches Brew; told to act like I Friends and Strangers were mentioned by Ronnie Laws!

Misbehaving with Iran reverse engineering a US drone? what are some on? armed and dangerous? told to keep it pimping player!! ATLiens told me I better learn to hide my flaws

Misbehaving!! hiding from the laws intergalactic aliens out on Pluto and Mars hiding from the Skylander's Cloud Patrol or stormtroopers! 

ATLiens were posted up at the Citgo station buying grape flavored Swishers; hitting winning shots like Derek Fishers in his prime?  but released by the with the Thunder; soon fired by the player's union?  check out what the storm does!

Players in the union from up top / New York tried to warn us about Mello and Linsanity! 

Others were waiting in the dark; dipping in the old school Acura Legend...New York plates were vanity! 

Those hating get caught out there in the system / matrix...they get sparked by lasers and tasers; the force wasn't with them! 

Skating on thin ice; they bit off more than they could chew trying to act like they knew; but of course it wasn't them!

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