Thursday, April 26, 2012

It'll Catch Up With Ya

Whats the deal? karma has no expiration date; it'll catch up with ya!

Word to former Liberia president Charles Taylor...listen to what I tell ya..karmic repercussions occur from previous episodes; a new batch for ya! 

....As we come with the percussions, samples, and another batch of this good word!

 I felt the pressure; like Osama Bin Laden's  family leaving Pakistan...whats up man? we're dealing with karma from previous episodes; you heard? 

We're now chilling with small armies; you heard me? just check the Sonic Assault...were bumping heads with devious ones!! street codes are you know for the apparatus that's a problem! 

Now instilling this knowledge in the minds of the masses; O-Dizzle will rock them! 

Distilling this elixir like its Kentucky brown liquor; glasses are turned up like its the Kentucky Derby...drink to the last drop!

Some are feeling this scripture; class is in session!! stay prayed and learned / skilled up because the madness doesn't stop! 

Some are chilling...backwoods is burned up..whose seeing this picture especially after the karma catches up with them?

Some are feeling this mixture....after we came back to these were batching up a fresh batch for them!

Some get slick with ya like John Edwards..others couldn't keep track of the goods and services to see most were bogus.... 

Some get sick on ya due to the salmonella sushi...they even try to act brand new with me...but the karma will catch up with them..I told them don't approach this...

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