Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Thought We Had Something PT.5..

We thought we had something!! but the Dallas / Fort Worth storms were similar to glitches in the matrix...it destroyed them! 

But Sonic Assaults are launched...the funky drummer is drumming.....we had weapons stashed...but now we deployed them! 

The "good ole days" chilling at Blogster?  we enjoyed them..but now its time to move forward! 

As we roll up on them!!! check the Relocation / Renovation.. moves are made; like its a chess or checkers board!

These other folks weren't checking for us..but that could be a good thing!

Walked through corporate collegiate and church corridors; but at the end of the day?  its still a hood thing! 

This is no  Eddie Floyd Knock On Wood thing; "you can't trust to luck" per my fourth grade teacher Ms Peters! 

Haters knock the hustle like Romney does Obama; but God is still blessing us; no matter what the street does! 

...Already saw what Wall Street does; what will the response be? these gamblers out for a fast buck have the economy messed up!

Already saw what your street does..snitches ramble off at the mouth; now somebodys life is messed up! 

Plus its all messed up in the spot!!! folk are stressed up in this piece; its like Syria..we're all up in these hostile territories!

Some might have thought they had something...a hot style!! but now they're subject to the authorities!

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