Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laying In The Cut / Behind The Scenes

I was laying in the cut; intuition is working Secret Service agents with prostitutes in Colombia a lot is going on behind the scenes! 

So whatcha saying? they ask me..per severe storms in the Midwest..whats the reason for the season? basically I'm trying to find the motivation behind the plots and schemes! 

Whatcha praying for they ask me? as Egyptian Christians visit Jerusalem...whose acting brand new again? whats the reason for the treason? some were telling me it is what it is!! but they're rolling behind my vehicle like Dekalb County police  as I float through the stream of consciousness! 

Whats the motivation behind the dream chasing? that's what they ask a brotha..they want to know what the deal is!

Told them I'm going in like Cory Booker..I'm real with this not playing with it!! but it seems they aren't checking for me! 

Sonic capers are we try to get away; but nobodys wrecking the vehicle for me! 

Manny Moe and Jack weren't checking the vehicle...they said I needed to pay up! 

Whatcha know? a brotha was hacked like Kobe Bryant when taking it to the hoop for a lay up! 

Whatcha know? even my e-mail was hacked by spam all-stars..apologies to those with scars...meanwhile behind the scenes?...all up in the lab? ..O-Dizzle will take a beat and loop it; while O-Zone will pray up in this piece! 

Whatcha know?  behind the scenes haters plot and scheme to guarantee we have no justice and no peace!

Laying in the cut..behind the scenes...trying to put my mind at ease..but there's always gonna be something...

Laying in the cut....behind the scenes..soon blasting off out beyond Mars and Venus......please!! it's like NASA / Space X...we're always into something..

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